About us

CarCareReviews.net was created for the car owner that lives to make their hard-earned investment look its best and last its longest. We’ve got a passion for details, and everyone knows that a car that’s well taken care of will get you far and get you looks!

We at CarCareReviews.net work to scout out the industry’s most sought-after products, as well as the underdogs, and put them to the test… We do the hard research so you don’t have to! Within this site, you’ll find reviews that discuss product value versus quality, determining if trendy products are worth the money or not, debunking common detailing myths, and even evaluating the quality of customer service for each brand we review.

Separate from product reviews, CarCareReviews.net contains general car care information that is invaluable. After all, technique and practices are just as important as the products you use!

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, proper auto care is crucial for good results and preventing damage. CarCareReviews.net is your one-stop-shop for all things detail… To put it simply, the CarCareReviews.net mission is to comb through the hundreds of products, practices, and knowledge points to determine what is relevant and effective, whatever your mission may be.

How We Review

Whether you’re a casual car lover or a professional detailer, we’ve curated our resources to fit your needs. By holistically reviewing products, we look at products and companies as a whole and determine their place in the detailing space.

Here’s a list of the main criteria we look at when reviewing a detailing product:

– Strength: The measure that matters most. If a product is weak, it simply does not work how it should. We weed through the weak links to show you the stars of the detailing world.

– Longevity: Goes hand in hand with strength. Who wants a detailing product that requires using a whole bottle to get the desired results?

– Value: We determine value by looking at the combined results of the strength and longevity of the product relative to the price

– Customer Service: An often overlooked category, but crucially important. Issues with products are best sorted with a real person, and accommodation is key.

As a group of detailing enthusiasts, we’re passionate about finding the products and practices that are the best of the best, and we won’t stop ‘til we try everything! We’ll keep up with the latest trends, settle the debates, and share our experiences. After all, we love our cars and putting to the test what’s best for our ride.