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Hydrosilex Ceramic

I wrote this HydroSilex review purely from seeing that they market this product as “the most advanced Ceramic Coating and Surface Sealant, Polish and Protector for Automobiles, Vehicles and other Surfaces.” Whenever I see that, the first thing I think is “challenge accepted.” With 465 customer reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.4 stars, I was excited to get my hands on their product and put it to the test. Right off the bat, HydroSilex says they have it all. I had high expectations for this brand from their advanced technology, effortless application methods, ultimate paint protection capacity, and 25 years in the industry.

How Strong is HydroSilex’s Formula?

If you read my previous review, you’ll know that my Jeep was due for some detailing after The Last Coat did not stand the test of time. So I was quite impatient to see how HydroSilex performs compared to it. When my Amazon order came in, I immediately did a chemical test to figure out the formula. With one of the lowest SiO2 formulas of all the brands I’ve written reviews about, my excitement dropped a bit. With such a small amount of SiO2, I would categorize HydroSilex as more of a “silica sealant” rather than a ceramic spray.

Generally when it comes to ceramic products, the higher the percentage of SiO2, the more water-repellant it will be. I applied HydroSilex and did not notice any streaks left behind, and the formula went on easy, so that was great to see. However, a few days later, it lightly sprinkled out, and I noticed that I could immediately see tiny water spots on my hood. It was disappointing as it was just a light sprinkle, and I had not done much driving. Before writing and sharing my honest opinion with you in this HydroSilex review, I wanted to see how it would hold up over the next few weeks before doing any touch-ups. After the rain, the dust settled, and I did not notice too much gunk hanging around. A couple of days later, I could tell there was a difference from how my Jeep looked after first using the spray. My first instinct when purchasing this spray was that it would not be strong enough. Although I really liked the initial gloss shine that I was left with, that was really the only perk I could find with this formula.

Curious to know how long HydroSilex lasts?

After the initial application, my Jeep was left with a nice, glossy finish and looked great. But I was a little disappointed that they claim to be leaders in ceramic coatings, yet after three weeks, my Jeep was back to looking dirty and needed some love. Because of this disappointment, I give HydroSilex a 6/10 for both strength and longevity. It simply doesn’t match the performance of other coating brands I’ve tested and wrote reviews on, like Car Pro Reload or Nexgen.

Oh and one more thing.. something I did notice was the spray bottle didn’t give me the option to adjust the nozzle settings from a jet spray to a wide mist. I did see that in some other reviews and comments on Amazon. The nozzle isn’t a huge deal, but keep that in mind before you buy — if you’re the kind of guy that likes a nice wide stream on your sprayers.

How Does HydroSilex Compare To Other Ceramic Sprays?

With HydroSilex only lasting a couple of weeks at most, I put it in the same category as Mother’s and Shine Armor. All three of these formulas will only last you a week or two tops, but HydroSilex did leave me with the best overall gloss of those three. I want this to be a truthful review. That’s why I can honestly say that I would instead grab a bottle of Nexgen and know that my Jeep would stay looking great more than triple the time. Of all of Hydrosilex’s claims, I will support their claim of effortless application as I did not have any streaks left behind. If you are looking for a quick gloss for your vehicle that’s easy to apply, it’s a decent option.

Customer Service and Value

As you well know by now, all my product reviews include a look at each brand’s customer service and value. So of course I did the same writing this HydroSilex review. I wanted to give their customer service a shot to see if maybe that is where this company excelled. I sent a general inquiry into their online contact form asking if they could recommend any products for my Jeep. After about 72 hours, I received an email back, and of course, they recommended purchasing a full kit to see the best results. I wasn’t too shocked by this, but it did surprise me that it took them a full 72 hours to get back to me with such a short, vague answer.

If I had asked Adam’s something like this, I would have received much more help and full details on what I need. Hydrosilex has about the same value as The Last Coat. They do not offer an 8oz bottle, but instead, they start at 16oz for $34.99 on Amazon, which also competes with The Last Coat.

I also noticed that in the response from customer service and all over their website, they push distribution, which made me wonder if they are having difficulty stacking up against their competition. Overall I gave Hydrosilex a 7 out of 10 for both value and customer service.

Would I Recommend This Product?

If you read this review from the beginning, you probably figured out that HydroSilex was not up to my initial expectations. If I were to recommend it to someone, it would have to be a very specific someone and for a very specific use. If you need a quick shine and a product that is easy to use, then yes, HydroSilex may be for you. If I wanted to take my Jeep or truck out for a few quick photos, I might grab Hydrosilex to get a good glossy look, but I can not see myself keeping this in my garage or recommending it to anyone for long term use. There are just too many other products out there that out-shine and out-last Hydrosilex for me to want to recommend them. Overall, I would say that it is only an average product, with average results, but would do well in a pinch.

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