Adam’s Polishes is a brand that’s been making a solid name for themselves over the past few years. Some of you might be surprised to hear that the company has actually been around for almost 20 years! With all this time in the industry, Adam’s has created an impressive array of ceramic coatings and has become a trusted player in the detailing (and ceramic coating) industry. However, the one product I’ve been most excited to try is Adam’s Ceramic Boost 2.0. This is their most popular ceramic spray and has been requested by several readers. So I picked up a bottle and I’m ready to give you an honest review.

How Strong is Adam’s Ceramic Boost 2.0?

When it comes to a ceramic coating’s strength, I look at the amount of water beading that occurs as well as the gloss and shine seen on the vehicle surface directly after application. I applied Adam’s evenly across the painted surface of my Jeep, and luckily, it rained on and off that entire week. I noticed that it prevented the formation of bead water incredibly well, by repelling water off my car and windshield immediately. So I can say that I was pretty happy with the hydrophobic action. Additionally, I noticed an immediate gloss and shine on the surface right after I applied it. After reading some ceramic and wax reviews, and doing some research on my own, I saw that Adam’s hand mixes their products before mass production, which is always a good sign of product purity and strength. Although Adam’s Ceramic Boost doesn’t have the same strength I saw from Nexgen, this is still one of the strongest products I’ve seen. It certainly provided stronger water-beading action than Torque as well as many others.

How Long Does Adam’s Ceramic Coating Last?

This is where Adam’s took the biggest hit. In terms of life of the ceramic longevity, Car Pro Reload and Nexgen blew them out of the water. Two weeks after I applied the product, we had some more thunderstorms and there was essentially no water-beading anymore. I’m not saying this product doesn’t work. In fact, 2 weeks is a reasonable amount of time for a DIY ceramic spray to last. However, I’m the type that if I’m putting the work into something, I want it to last. Adam’s Ceramic Boost started off strong, but it didn’t withstand the test of time (or multiple thunderstorms.) I would have liked to see this product last at least a month – considering the quality of many of their other products.

Benefits of Adam’s Ceramic Boost 2.0

After checking out some of their customer reviews on Amazon, it seemed like anyone that had an issue with Adam’s Ceramic Boost was able to get it solved by their customer service team. That sparked my interest and I knew that I had to give these products a shot. Adam’s customer service is really where they shine and is what moved them higher up in my rankings. I had a few questions about some of the products they offered and was not sure what I wanted to test out first. One call to their customer service line and I was able to get all of my questions answered and they were more helpful than I expected. I also found their website to be pretty handy and easy to navigate. Most questions about their products are answered right there on the “Need Help” page.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of this cutting edge ceramic infused product is the gloss and shine that’s hard to match with anything besides Nexgen Ceramic Spray or maybe Car Pro Reload. It also had a streak free finish and left no smear marks on the paint coating, which is always a good sign.

Adam’s Ceramic Boost also beat out Car Pro Reload in terms of getting the most “bang for your buck.” Coming in at $20.40 for a 12oz bottle on Amazon, this is a really good value compared to several others on the list. With flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $100, they strike a pretty good bargain to get you to order more products. They also offer a pretty decent “starter kit” to try to get you hooked.

So Where Does Adam’s Ceramic Coating Fall Short?

I found that in terms of longevity, Adam’s Ceramic Boost cannot stand the test of time like some other ceramic products I’ve tried. For example, Nexgen’s 13% SiO2 formula allows it to provide protection for over 3 months (depending on climate conditions), which is the longest I’ve ever seen for a ceramic spray. I wasn’t able to get an exact reading on Adam’s SiO2 percentage, but I would estimate it around 5-6% based on water percentage, appearance, and performance.

Adam’s certainly has a huge selection of ceramic coating products which you can find on their website. I’m a simple man, and their wide range of products can make it a little confusing when poking around on their website and trying to figure out what you want to order. To be honest, if Adam’s combined some of their items, I would use Adam’s detail products more, without feeling like I need to buy more products to get a result that is still short of some others. Sometimes you just need to stick to the saying, “less is more”.

How Does Adam’s Ceramic Boost Compare to Other Ceramic Sprays?

Adam’s Ceramic Boost has been on my radar for a while now and has been in the back of my mind when thinking about paint sealant products that I want to try out on my car. Their value, customer service and the strength of their detail spray products are the reasons why I have ranked them so high. Overall, I was pretty satisfied and impressed with the products they have to offer. They beat out Torque in terms of overall strength and customer service and actually knocked Torque farther down my list. Adam’s also inched past Turtle Wax Ice, solely based on their customer service and easy navigation of their website. I found that I still prefer Nexgen and CarPro Reload over Adam’s Ceramic Boost, but I’ll get to that later.

Would I Purchase Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating Again?

Adam’s is a product that I wouldn’t mind having around when I need a solid shine. With a good price and decent strength, this easy to use spray won’t hurt your wallet. Adam’s Ceramic Boost 2.0 doesn’t last as long as some other products I’ve reviewed, but it’s a solid ceramic spray from a solid company. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of some of their deals when they have holiday sales. However, if you’re looking for a cutting edge ceramic infused product to give you long-lasting protection and maximum shine then I’d recommend Nexgen or Car Pro Reload before Adam’s.

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