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The Last Coat

Today’s review came from pure curiosity. I’ve been receiving questions like “Is the last coat a wax?”, “Can you use the last coat on tires?”, so I needed to find out for myself. With a name like “The Last Coat” and following some positive reviews that I read, I had very high expectations from this detailing product. This is a pretty strong name for a ceramic coating spray and implies that the product is not only strong, but also long lasting.

The brand refers to themself as “TLC” and was started as a two man operation set up in a garage. Their brand grew quickly, and they now claim that they would really like to get to know their customers better. On their website, they also promise to hold their products’ quality and customer service to the highest standard. So let’s see how well they did!

How Strong Is The Last Coat?

When I am looking at the strength of a product, I am looking for a solid protective layer, the ability to repel water and overall shine results. Since my Jeep is my favorite car at the moment, I decided to test out The Last Coat on it to see if I could get it looking crystal clear as other positive reviews are stating, following a heavy weekend of off roading. After a quick wash as instructed, I applied the first coat of TLC. They say that you can expect 7-8 full exterior applications on an average sized vehicle. After the full application I think I can get about 5-6 more applications out of just one bottle.

I completed the application and was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t leave any streaks on the paint during the process. After some research I found out that they use a chemical compound to prevent streaking and that if you follow the directions right, you shouldn’t have any streaking at all. From what I can tell, the negative comments that they have had about streaks showing on the surface are due to using too much TLC. I tested this theory out on one section and it is in fact true. That’s why, to make sure that you don’t have this problem too, it’s better to use less product.

For better ease of use and to help with applications, they even have an instructional video on YouTube. I noticed, after encountering a few days of rain, that my Jeep was repelling water about the same as Adam’s Ceramic Boost and Car Pro Reload and there were no water spots showing either. I also noticed that dirt and grime weren’t sticking to my Jeep as much as when I used TopCoat F11 or Shine Armor, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. The shine was almost as strong as Adam’s, it was easy to apply and in fact even easier to rub in compared to Car Pro Reload. Overall I give them an 8/10 for strength, but let’s see now how long does The Last Coat last?

Does The Last Coat Really Last?

This is where The Last Coat takes the biggest hit and it’s something that pretty much takes away the credibility of all their positive reviews and testimonials. The company claims their ceramic spray lasts up to 6 months under normal conditions. I decided to test it out and only use my Jeep for what I deemed to be “normal use.” I was soon disappointed to see that The Last Coat didn’t even last 3 weeks. I guess those 5-6 applications per bottle would come in handy since it seems like you’d need to reapply pretty often, but who wants to put in that much work for “normal use”? TLC did not last nearly as long as Nexgen Ceramic Spray, Torque Detail, or Car Pro Reload. I drove my Jeep for normal errands, encountered a few days of light rain and kept it in the garage. With all these, after even just a few days I could tell that it was not going to last. For this reason, I rated them 6/10 and felt as though their longevity protection claims may be a bit misleading.

Is The Last Coat Worth The Price?

The Last Coat offers a 16oz bottle of their “upgraded formula” for $34.97 which seems expensive when you first think about it, but it comes to about $18 for 8oz. This makes it similar in price to Torque. But from what it looks like, it can not compete with Torque’s longevity. This made me realize that the bottles come in larger sizes because you are going to go through it faster and probably they hope that like this you won’t notice that you are blowing through a bottle so fast.

If you are looking to save some money, Nexgen gives you 8oz at $19.95 and I can coat my Jeep 4 times. On top of that, it lasts 4 times as long. So no, The Last Coat is not worth the price, and you are not getting more use out of a bigger bottle. If you are going to spend $18 on a bottle you are definitely better off going with Nexgen or Torque.

How Is The Last Coat’s Customer Service?

This is another area of opportunity for The Last Coat to improve. I like to order two bottles of each new product at a time, so that if I like it, I have another bottle on hand. Since overall I wasn’t too impressed with TLC, I wanted to send my second bottle back. I filled out their online contact form that I found on their webpage, and sent my request on a Monday. Their promise is to respond within 24 hours. I finally heard back on Thursday and was offered a discount on my next purchase rather than a return. After declining the discount, I was offered a return of my purchase. Despite this annoying run-around from customer service which was stated by some other The Last Coat reviews as well, I will say that they were friendly and courteous the entire time. For this reason, in terms of customer service level, although it’s not over the top compared to other brands, I give TLC a 7/10.

So Is The Last Coat Good?

The Last Coat didn’t really live up to all the positive reviews and the hype in its name. If you are looking for a ceramic spray with an easy application and a great initial shine, this product could work for you. However, if you are looking for anything else, including the best durability out there, you will want to grab a bottle of Nexgen, Torque or Car Pro Reload instead. If you want to make an idea for yourself and check The Last Coat out on Amazon, click the link below.

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