Nexgen Ceramic Spray Review

Nexgen ceramic spray

I’ve been excited to write a Nexgen Ceramic Spray review for a while now. Even though this product has been developed and used by detailers over the last 10 years, Nexgen only started selling to consumers in 2019. This ceramic spray is a new player in town, but they’ve grown insanely fast in the past 12 months – with good reason.

I got my hands on a bottle, and now I’m excited to write an honest Nexgen review so that you can see if it’s right for you. In this review we’ll investigate the pros and cons of this product and if you like what you see, we even found an exclusive deal (40% off) so you can try it out and be the judge.

So what is it that makes Nexgen Ceramic Spray different from other ceramic sprays?

And why have their sales, demand, and revenue exploded in the last year?

The biggest reason is because of the amount of silicon dioxide found in Nexgen’s spray. Silicon dioxide forms a layer of protection of nanoparticles on the vehicle’s surface which keeps your car safe from water, grease, grime, bugs, salt, pollen, and even UVs from direct sunlight.

The more SiO2 a ceramic coating spray has, the better. This is the first key that sets Nexgen apart from every other ceramic care care product we’ve tested. The Nexgen Ceramic Spray contains a staggering 13% SiO2, far more than any other product on the market. Many other ceramic products tested at under 1% SiO2!

Nexgen’s remarkably high SiO2 content protects your car for longer, makes it more hydrophobic (repels water) than its competitors, and leaves it with an unmistakable “wet look” long lasting shine we haven’t seen from any other professional grade products.

Does Nexgen Really Last 4X Longer Than Other Ceramic Sprays On The Market?

You’ve probably experienced other detailing products that don’t last for long. Yeah – they do repel dirt and look good for a few days, or even a few weeks if you’re lucky. But what if you had a ceramic product that lasted for multiple weeks, even months?

Well, the 13% silicon dioxide, along with other additives in the mixture allows Nexgen Ceramic Spray to work up to 4 times longer than other ceramic spray products on the market.

That means no more having to coat your vehicle multiple times a month. No more having to spend a fortune on products that don’t work nearly as well. I was skeptical of Nexgen’s Ceramic Spray’s claim at first. But then I gave the product a try almost two months before writing this review. And I am seriously impressed!

I haven’t re-applied, and it’s still repelling water perfectly and shining like week 1. That’s why we give this product a 10/10 when it comes to longevity. It’s not going to turn your beater into a Rolls Royce, but if you want a clean shine that lasts for a couple months, this product will work well for you.

What Exterior Surfaces Can You Use Nexgen On?

I’ve used dozens of clear coat products in the past that say they can be used on any exterior surface. And in my experience, 9 times out of 10 this is false advertisement.

For instance, Shine Armor’s ads say it will work on “paint, headlights, tires, and more.” However, when going to use it on the headlights, I was left with a bunch of streaks and micro-scratches on the surface! I was sincerely hoping Nexgen Ceramic Spray would beat those standards, because no one wants to have to spend a fortune on different coatings, waxes, and cleaners for every surface.

Nexgen’s website claims the same as Shine Armor. “It can be used on any exterior surface, including paint, glass, plastic, headlights, and chrome.” I was extremely skeptical, because of my experience with Shine Armor, and I’ve just come to assume most detailing products unfortunately lie in their advertising. But regardless, I tested the product. And what did I find?

Nexgen worked wonders on every single surface I tried it on! I used it on my headlights, and there were no scratches at all. The plastic for my car looked brand-new, the glass surfaces had no smudges or streaks, and I even used it to shine up my interior dashboard.

How Do You Use Nexgen Ceramic Spray, and How Long Does It Take To Apply?

I’m sure you’ve used car care products that you shake up, apply to your vehicle, then sit, stare, and die of boredom waiting for the product to set. So how does Nexgen Ceramic Spray compare?

Thankfully, Nexgen has the fastest application time of any product I’ve tried before, and starts working immediately after you apply it. All you need to do is spray, wipe it into your surface with a microfiber towel, and then flip over to the dry side and buff it out. I’m always on a tight schedule, so this feature was nice to have.

What’s The Downside?

Everything sounds great about Nexgen, and I’ll be honest… I was very impressed with the product.

But with every new and innovative product, there’s always some type of downside right?

Well, I did find one important fault with the Nexgen Ceramic Spray. Shipping times.

Due to the recent high demand of the product, it seems they’re having some problems with fulfillment, and it can take up to 4-6 days to reach you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten way too used to the 2 day shipping from Amazon Prime. So that’s definitely the biggest drawback for me.

How Is Nexgen’s Customer Service?

So here we have one final point that’s pretty important. If you have a problem with the product or just need help with your order, how is Nexgen’s customer support?

I put extra emphasis on customer support in my reviews because there are lots of detailing product companies that outsource their support overseas and simply don’t care about their customers. So what did I find with Nexgen?

I called their customer service number, and I was met by a nice woman from Southern California who picked up the phone immediately and answered every question I threw at her with knowledge and kindness. I could tell she really knew her stuff about detailing and ceramic coatings. This was a refreshing change from other companies who hire customer service agents from India or the Philippines, who often know nothing about the product they’re supposed to sell. All of this is why I give Nexgen a 9/10 when it comes to Customer Service.

Oh, and one cool sidenote: Nexgen CEO Michael Cantrell sometimes answers user questions on social media to ensure all his customers are satisfied. He even roasts the trolls!

The Bottom Line: How Good Is Nexgen Ceramic Spray? Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been following this website for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Ceramic Coating Sprays. They are an easy and cost-effective way to protect your vehicle, and using just a quarter of the bottle gives nearly the same amount of protection you would get from a Ceramic Coating application from a professional cars detailer.

And after writing reviews for dozens of ceramic coating products on the market, here’s the bottom line. Nexgen Ceramic Spray is the best ceramic spray you can buy. And I don’t say that lightly.

Sure, you can always go to a detailer and have them apply a “9H” ceramic shell that needs to be baked on with UV light. This provides the maximum ceramic protection possible, and is a great option if you have the time and money to make it happen. But be warned—the price can be between $300-$600 per application depending on the size of your car, and it needs to be redone every year for maximum protection.

How Long Does Nexgen Ceramic Spray Last?

With their exclusive 40% off deal, Nexgen costs only $19.95 for their 8oz bottle, which can coat a mid-size car 4-6 times. That’s pretty incredible considering the formula lasts up to 4 times longer than others on the market. If you do the math, Nexgen is more than 95% cheaper than getting a professional 9H application, and is nearly as powerful.

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All in all, NexGen Ceramic Spray made my car look great, it was an incredible value, and their customer support was easy and helpful. It’s easy to see why they’re crushing the competition. Now, if you want to try their product for 40% off, go ahead and click the button below. They’ll even let you try it risk free with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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