Torque Detail Mirror Shine Honest Review

Torque Detail Mirror Shine

Torque Detail is a solid product I’ve used for a while. I first found it advertised on Youtube about a year ago, and I thought now would be a great time to write a Torque Detail review where we’ll go over the pros and cons of this detailing spray. If you’re looking for a mid-level product that’s easy to apply and a good value for the money, Torque Detail Mirror Shine may be a good choice for you.

Does Torque Detail’s Formula Really Work?

How does Torque’s formula stack up against the competition?

Does this super gloss product leave your car looking shiny like a mirror or dull and gross?

Well, their advertising claims this product will leave cars looking like a mirror so you’ll never have to pay for detailing again. However, that’s not exactly what I found.

Yes, when I applied the product on my car, it did increase the glossiness to a noticeable extent. But it definitely did not “look like a mirror” like they claim. Torque Detail’s glossiness coating is certainly stronger than both Shine Armor and TopCoat F11, but doesn’t come close to the “wet look” shine I found with Nexgen ceramic spray.

Is Torque Detail a Ceramic Coating?

Torque Detail Mirror Shine contains silicon dioxide (SiO2), so yes, it’s classified as a ceramic coating. In terms of ceramic protection, I was actually very much impressed by Torque’s results. Their formula helped up pretty well, and still repelled water after 3 weeks of daily driving. In the fourth week, I started to see deterioration in the strength of the ceramic coat, so that’s when I’d recommend reapplying.

Is Torque Detail Mirror Shine A Good Value?

Even though Torque Detail Mirror Shine doesn’t look quite as glossy as some other products, it’s still a decent value hybrid wax if you’re looking to save money on making your vehicle look great. Their formula lasts longer than many other ceramic coatings on the market, making it a pretty good value coming in at only $19.95 per 8oz bottle.

A quick note: Torque Detail is the same price and bottle size as Nexgen Ceramic Spray. However, I found that I needed to buy and use more bottles of Torque than Nexgen to get the same effect. Because of that, I have to say that Nexgen is a better value than Torque.

What Are Torque Detail’s Drawbacks?

There were a couple important problems I experienced when giving Torque a try a couple months ago. And just by reading their reviews on Amazon I found that many people also experienced the same problems.

Unfortunately the bottle comes with a weak sprayer that’s not only a pain in the ass to use, but it often breaks when shipping! Luckily mine came intact, but it was still very difficult to apply compared to other spray sealant products, and it left my fingers sore.

Another issue with Torque is that it’s quite limited in terms of the surfaces you can use it on. DO NOT use this product on plastic or headlights—unless you want scratches. I learned this the hard way with the plastic on my Tundra.

A question I see a lot is if you can use Torque Mirror Shine on glass. I’ve found answers on many different forums that this product works pretty well when used to clean and protect vinyl or glass.

How Do You Use Torque Detail?

Before using Torque Detail you need to make sure all the dirt, dust or contaminants are properly removed from your car’s surface. I like to take my car to the car wash as it can do a better job than I can by cleaning surfaces that are harder to reach.

Once the car is completely dry, you can spray the detailing product and then buff it with ease, using a clean microfiber towel. For best results apply on one section at a time using circular movements until the product perfectly seals the paint. If you want more shine, you can add a new coating once you finish buffing the first layer.

How’s Their Customer Support?

I’ve come to have very low expectations when it comes to customer service for boutique detailing products. It’s a shame, because in my opinion that’s the #1 most important thing you should focus on as a business owner—making sure your customers are happy with their order and making it easy for them to reach you in case they need to.

Luckily, Torque surprised me with decent customer service. I had to email before getting on the phone with someone, but only had minimal wait time before speaking with a customer service agent. They appeared to be based in the Philippines, but spoke good english and answered most of my questions well. That’s why we gave Torque a 5/10 when it comes to customer service.

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All in all, Torque Detail Mirror Shine is a solid run-of-the-mill sealant spray. If you’re on a tight budget, I’d go ahead and give it a try.

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