3 Best Car Waxes for Black Cars in 2024 & How to Use Them

Black waxed car

Black paint has a stunning look when you take care of it and polish it properly. But when it’s left unpolished, black paint can show every imperfection. The good news is that you can take care of it with the right waxes designed specifically for black cars that will not only protect your car’s paint but also give a glossy finish. 

These days there are tons of waxes on the market and many of them simply don’t work. We’ve reviewed dozens of products so that you can choose from the best of the best. Keep reading to see our top 3 car waxes for black cars and see which one is right for you.

The Importance of Car Waxes for Black Cars

Everyone knows that black is the most elegant color for a car’s finish, but it’s not so easy to maintain that elegant aesthetic without proper care and maintenance. To keep that glossy allure and sophistication, you have to make sure you’re using the correct products for your black car. And what’s more perfect than a product designed specifically for black cars? That’s the reason why many companies developed specific “black car wax” products and why they remain popular among luxury car owners. 

Let’s explore in more detail why you should choose a car wax specifically made for taking care of your black car:

Better aesthetics than general waxes: The black color on your car has the ability to absorb and reflect light, therefore creating a deep mirror-like shine. And, car waxes made for black paint emphasize this effect and make your finish look more luxurious in terms of aesthetics.

Protection: A top-quality car wax acts as a protective barrier when applied to your car’s surface, keeping environmental hazards at bay. Such as UV rays, moisture, dirt, and other contaminants that are ready to damage your car’s finish.

Water Beading: Car waxes will create enhanced water beading and sheeting, making it easier for rainwater to roll off your car’s paint. This will not only keep your black car looking shiny and cleaner but also will minimize the chance of water spots forming which can be a pain.

Preventing Paint Oxidation: Black cars can be very susceptible to paint oxidation which can make it a dull, discolored appearance. So what car waxes will do with their UV-blocking properties is help you prevent this common issue that other people deal with.

Protection from minor scratches and swirl marks: Black paint is known for highlighting even the tiniest imperfections. Car waxes make sure to protect your car’s paint from minor scratches and swirl marks, providing a smoother surface, which, in turn, reflects light better.

Longevity: The right car wax can provide long-lasting protection for your black car. It will make sure that the black color remains in perfect condition for a long period after you apply it. 

3 Best Car Waxes for Black Cars

Writing a review on the best car waxes for black cars is not new to me. I’ve done a complete review of the best car waxes for black cars in the past. So in this article, I decided to focus on individual products (not multi-product kits), test new products from my last review, and see if any of them make it to the list. So here is my new list of the best 3 car waxes that I suggest you use for your black car.

1. Turtle Wax Color Magic- Jet Black

Turtle Wax Color Magic Jet Black
  • Cleans, shines, restores & adds colour while providing long lasting protection and outstanding shine.
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting protection
  • Professional finish
  • New formula provides Dynamic colour boost

After using their black box kit, I decided to try their color magic line that they claim will clean, restore the paint finish of your car, and enhance your car’s black color. So I got the Jet Black which is made specifically for black paint and after using it really made my car’s black paint pop and more shiny. Even some of the tiny scratches were less visible, of course, if you have paint missing it won’t help you with it but in some of the light scratches it does a great job. 

What I like the most about this product is the shine it gives to my car’s paint, it leaves a perfect clean shine after you use it. It helps with water beading not like ceramic spray obviously but it does a good job. Also compared to solid wax polish this is very easy to use, you can just apply and polish off in a few seconds. The dirt runs away with ease when I run a microfiber towel over my car after waxing and from the looks, it was like I just detailed my car.

2. CAR GUYS Hybrid Wax

CAR GUYS Hybrid Wax – Advanced Car Wax 
• Streak Free and Safe on ANY Surface.
• Brilliant Show Car Shine.
• Long Lasting and Easy To Use.

Clearly, this product is the most reviewed product on Amazon for a reason. Even though it was in the first spot on the comprehensive review on waxes for black cars, here it took the 2 spot. After comparing it with Turtle Wax Jet Black, Car Guys wax seemed to me a bit lacking in shine, and on another aspect, it was all the same. The reason can be that you can use this product on all types of surfaces and car paints. Even though many suggest that waxes can be used on all types of paints I still believe that black cars need special care.

Don’t get me wrong I still would use Car Guys wax anytime and the shine is still there but Jet Black really surprised me with that shine. Car guys wax it’s a top-notch product and its hydrophobic properties are very high for a wax. If you’re not feeling my first choice then go ahead and grab the car guys’ wax because surely it delivered as promised.

3. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar’s Wax has long been a favorite among car enthusiasts, and for good reason. This wax is designed to deliver deep, rich reflections and long-lasting protection for your black car. It deserves to be on the top 3 car waxes for a black car for its ease of use and durability. Even though it isn’t the best product it has some great benefits, no residue, and you can just see it right after you apply this wax that it has the quality to protect and make your black paint shine.

Another thing that I noticed using Meguiar’s wax is that you don’t need a lot of product, a little really does go a long way. As you may already know no matter how much you apply only a part of it onto the clear coat of your paint bonds. So don’t try to overuse this product, it’s really easy to spread, and once the curing time is done your black car will be shining like new.

How to Wax a Car by Hand

Black Car after wax

Now that you picked your car wax, grab a soft applicator pad or a clean microfiber cloth. You’ll also need a car wash soap, and 2 buckets – one for dirty water and one for clean water. If you have a hose or pressure washer, it’s recommended to park your car in a shaded area for best results. I also used gloves because waxes can stain your skin for a day or more. Now let’s check this step-by-step guide on how to wax your black car by hand:

Wash & Dry Your Car: Use a car wash soap to make sure to remove all dirt, and rinse thoroughly to have a clean surface. To dry your car completely just use a clean microfiber cloth because a wet surface may prevent the wax from sticking to it.

Apply the Wax: Take a small amount of your wax onto your applicator pad or cloth and work on one section at a time. It’s really easy to apply, just use circular or back-and-forth motions while applying it, and make sure to hit all the spots of your black pain to get that super glossy shine at the end.

Curing time: It will take 15-20 minutes depending on the product you’re using and what conditions. You can check if the excess wax once applied has dried enough, just take your index finger and wipe it on the area you’ve applied wax. Now, if you remove any dried residue with your finger and below looks shiny then you can remove the wax. But while wiping it if the product will streak you’ll need to leave it a bit more in order for the product to harden.

Buff the Wax: Use a clean dry microfiber cloth to gently buff the waxed area in a circular motion and while doing it you’ll notice the shine of your car’s black paint surface restored and getting the shine it deserves.

Inspect and Clean: Inspect your car to make sure you haven’t missed any parts and that you buffed your wax completely.

Maintain: By maintaining I mean regular waxing, this will help you to prolong the protection and shine you got in the first place. It depends on the product you’re using and the conditions you drive but every 2- 5 months would be good in my opinion. 


Making your black car glossy, and giving it a showroom-quality finish is very rewarding and possible with the right waxes. To achieve this in 2024 I recommend using either Turtle Wax Jet Black, Car Guys Advanced Car Wax, or Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax – our 3 best car waxes. These are excellent choices for any black car owner. Pick the one you like the most and that suits your needs. Make sure to follow the steps for applying these waxes by hand at your home, and you’ll enjoy that head-turning, beautifully waxed black car like the day you drove it off the lot.

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