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Ceramic Coating Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

ceramic coating maintenance for red car at beach

Do Ceramic Coatings Need Special Maintenance?  Applying a ceramic coating on your car might seem like an easy endeavor. But what about its maintenance? Ceramic paint coatings are the equivalent of giving your car a face-lift. After using them, your vehicle will be left looking shiny, clean, and like new. But although the aesthetic aspect […]

3 Best Air Fresheners For Your Car

best car air freshener reviews

A good air freshener will give any car interior an instant uplift. Whether you’re a driver who prefers the car smelling fresh, or you are on a never ending search for the best product mimicking that new car smell, this review has something for everyone.

Ceramic Coating Gone Wrong? Here’s What You Need To Do

ceramic coating gone wrong

Just when you thought you’ve done the best thing for your car by applying a ceramic product to protect it, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. Your vehicle’s ceramic coating has gone wrong. So what do you do?

How To Apply Ceramic Coating To Your Car

how to apply ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is presently the hottest trend in the auto detailing industry. And since knowing how to apply ceramic coating can seem a bit confusing for people that are new to the detailing world, in this post we’ll look at some easy ways to protect your car’s coat surface, by making use of a diy ceramic coating product.

How To Wash Your Car After Ceramic Coating Application

how to wash car after ceramic coating

Knowing how to wash your car after it has been treated with a ceramic coating can have a direct effect on how the coating will perform in the long term. Learn more.

Graphene Car Coating vs. Ceramic: The Ultimate Review

graphene coating vs ceramic coating

What is the best method of paint protection? Is graphene coating better than ceramic coating? And which one offers more protection? Find out here.

Ceramic Coating vs. Wax: What’s The Difference?

ceramic coating vs wax whats the difference?

When it comes to paint protection, what’s the difference between ceramic coating vs. wax? And which product is actually more suitable for you?

How To Remove Ceramic Coating From Your Car

how to remove ceramic coating from the car

There are many reasons why you might want to remove ceramic coating from your car. We’ll dive into the reasons for removing the ceramic coating, and easy ways you can remove it yourself. Let’s dive in!

How To Remove Water Spots From Your Car

remove water spots from car

Wondering how to remove hard water spots from car paint? You are not alone! Today we’ll dive deep into exploring what the different types of water spots are, what causes them to form, and what are some easy ways to remove them for good.

5 Best Windshield Washer Fluids For Your Car

best windshield washer fluid

Does It Matter What Windshield Wiper Fluid To Use? If you think that picking up the best windshield washer fluid doesn’t matter much, I hope this review will help you change your mind. Windshield wiper fluids might seem like simple products that many car owners don’t even bother to give a second thought to. For […]