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5 Best Foam Guns For Garden Hoses

Here is the truth about your local drive-thru car wash: It’s dirty. Those hanging wet noodles? Filthy. The bristles? Rough and grimy. Sure, taking your car through the big drive-through car wash is fun, but did you know they’re bad for your car’s paint? There’s too much pressure, and those heavy-duty bristles are harsh, creating […]

How Long For Ceramic Coating To Cure?

Well, well, well… Do you want to install a ceramic coating on your car to make it look fancy and to protect its paint? That’s great! But then, you are left wondering how long for the ceramic coating to cure and how long your car is going to be out of commission.  Worry not, fellow […]

7 Best Bug and Tar Removers For Cars

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you know all about bug splatter. It covers the front of your car and tapers off towards the back as if your precious machine is being hugged by some sticky alien residue. It can make your headlights blotchy and smears across your windshield as you sweep the […]

5 Best Ceramic Coating Sprays To Protect The Car’s Paint

A ceramic coating spray is a solution, typically composed of silicon dioxide, Si02, which is applied to the car’s exterior to help protect from any paint damage and environmental contaminants, including scratches, swirl/stain marks, dirt, dust, grime, acid rain, and more. To make sure you have the best and most effective solution, it is essential […]

7 Best Car Glass Cleaners For Streak-Free Windows On Your Vehicle

Most of us have used household glass cleaner on our cars, and we were less than impressed with the results when we used it on our car windows. To clean car windows properly, you should always use automotive glass cleaners, and here is why we bring you our list of the best car glass cleaners […]

The 5 Best Car Detailing Subscription Boxes

Recently, car detailing subscription boxes are becoming extremely popular. Mostly, it’s because you can get fantastic products at lower prices. If you don’t know which box to get, we’re bringing you our list of the five best car detailing subscription boxes you should try.  Unfortunately, not many companies offer them on the market, so we […]

Top 5 Best Quick Detailer Sprays For Your Car

Quick detail sprays, quick shine products, and detailing sprays are some of the names of products you’ll hear in the car care community.  They enhance the shine of the exterior with minimal effort and clean the dirt, blotch, and dust. Quick detail sprays provide a high gloss, high sheen look on your paint, and work […]

What Is a Window Vent Visor? The Heat, Rain And Wind Guard Your Car Needs

people discussing about installing a vent visor

Vent visors are devices that attach to the top of your car’s windows, reducing the amount of sunlight and wind entering the vehicle through them — keeping it cooler inside. You might have seen these devices on other people’s cars or read about them online, but, are they really worth it? In this article, we’ll […]

Need a Car Scratch Remover? Here Are The 5 Best – And How To Use Them

man using a buffer pad

A car scratch remover can help you repair minor scratches on your car’s finish, repel dust and grime, and protect the paint from further damage by filling in the scratch. In this article, we discuss 5 of the best ones on the market and show you how to use them on different types of scratches and swirl marks.

3 Types Of Scratches On Cars And How To Fix Them

man looking at different types of scratches on cars

There are three main types of scratches that you can find on any car. We’ll discuss them all in this article and give you advice on different ways to treat them. Cars are goods we use for our sole enjoyment and benefit. Sure, they are impressive feats of engineering that blow our minds away with […]