Chemical Guys Carbon Force Ceramic Coating: An Honest Review

As a professional detailer, my quest for the ultimate ceramic coating led me to Chemical Guys’ latest and most-hyped ceramic product: Carbon Force. Promising unheard-of levels of durable protection, diamond-clear optical clarity, and exceptional hydrophobic water beading, this product claims to be the absolute best professional-grade ceramic coating on the market.

In this review, I’ll share my experience with Carbon Force, detailing its strengths, longevity, benefits over competing products, potential downsides, and whether I would choose it again.

How Strong is the Product?

Carbon Force boasts being the longest-lasting professional-grade ceramic coating in the Chemical Guys lineup, utilizing the power of ceramic to deliver exceptional strength. I put this claim to the test on various vehicles with different paint conditions, including a 2018 Ford F-150 that had never had a ceramic treatment. The coating exhibited remarkable strength, forming a robust bond with the surface that proved resistant to washing off or breaking down when I hit it with a pressure washer full of hard water. The anti-scratch technology, powered by their “cutting-edge ceramic nanotechnology”, seemed to create a formidable first layer of defense against a range of threats. I found it particularly effective in preserving the paint against minor scratches and swirls from microfiber and drying towels. Overall I’m giving this product a strength rating of 8/10.

How Long Does It Last?

One of Carbon Force’s standout features is its extended protection, claiming up to 5 years of coverage. This longevity would be a significant advantage (if true,) especially for clients seeking a long-term solution to protect their investment. The ability to apply multiple layers further enhances the thickness and hardness of the coating, resulting in improved scratch resistance. While the 5-year claim might need real-world validation over time, the initial impressions indicate a coating that is built to endure. I’m giving this product a longevity ranking of 8/10, although it’s important to note that I may update this ranking based on how I see this protection change or develop over time.

What Are the Benefits Compared to Competing Products?

Carbon Force claims to distinguish itself from other ceramic coatings with an intense “nanotechnology-based” hydrophobic water barrier, sealing imperfections and pores in the paint to create a smooth surface. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal with a deep gloss but also ensures water and contaminants are swiftly repelled. The ease of application is another noteworthy benefit, with crystal-clear instructions provided by Chemical Guys in the packaging. The compatibility with other Chemical Guys products allows for layering, offering versatility in customization and added protection.

What Are the Downsides of This Product?

While Carbon Force excels in many aspects, it’s essential to consider potential downsides. The price point of $139.99 might be a deterrent for some customers, especially when compared to other cheap ceramic coatings on the market. Additionally, the professional-grade nature of this coating demands careful application, and skipping any steps may compromise its effectiveness. The product label emphasizes the need for safety precautions, including safety goggles and gloves, adding an extra layer of caution to the application process. Those aren’t exactly downsides of the product, but just things to consider before purchasing.

Would I Purchase It Again?

In assessing whether I would choose any ceramic coating product again, I weigh its strengths, longevity, and benefits against its downsides. The impressive strength and longevity make Chemical Guys Carbon Force a compelling choice for professional or amateur detailers seeking long-term protection for their vehicles. The benefits, including hydrophobic water beading and ease of application, align with the standards I uphold in my detailing service. While the price is relatively high for a DIY product, the professional-grade performance justifies the investment.

Overall Recommendation: Yes, I would purchase it again.

In conclusion, Chemical Guys’ Carbon Force Ceramic Coating lives up to its professional-grade claims, offering exceptional strength, impressive longevity, and notable benefits. While there are considerations regarding price and application precautions, the overall performance and results make it a top product in the world of DIY ceramic coatings.

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