Invisible Glass Clean and Repel Review: Is It Any Good?

invisible glass clean and repel review

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I know the secret to turning your glass truly invisible. However, I am going to try to push you as close to invisible as I can.

The fact is that in my current climate, even when my car doesn’t look dirty, my glass looks terrible by the end of the week. I despise dirty, foggy, streaky glass so I find myself testing out a plethora of products. Glass cleaners, water repellents, anti-fog sprays, you name it. The shelves of my garage are starting to look more like a store where every product is half-used. 

A lot of these products will sit on the shelf half empty until I eventually toss them to make space. The most recent glass cleaner I’ve tried out is Invisible Glass Clean and Repel. Here I’m going to lay out an easy-to-follow, unaffiliated Invisible Glass Clean and Repel review. 

What Is Invisible Glass Clean and Repel?

Invisible Glass has been around since 1942 and is well known for its affordable array of cleaning products aimed at glass, screens, and plastics. While I don’t have experience with every product this company has to offer, their 2-in-1 cleaner and repellent is really growing on me.

Invisible Glass Clean and Repel is a sprayable hydrophobic glass cleaner. The chemical makeup of this product forces rain to bead up, and snow and sleet to slide off quickly. It also protects from contaminants like road grime, bird dropping, and dead bugs that would normally stick to your windshield.

One of my favorite features of Invisible Glass Clean and Repel is its lack of gimmicky add-ons. While a lot of other companies will throw in eye-catching catching colorants or a fresh fruity scent, Invisible Glass stuck to the point – Getting your glass as clean as possible with as little work as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I like bold colors and the scent of citrus, but those ingredients are known to leave behind a streaky residue that requires more work to buff out and can be damaging to window tints in the long run.

  • Consumers can choose between an aerosol can and a spray bottle
  • Very affordable 
  • Glass cleaner and water repellent in all in one
  • Easily found in many brick and mortar stores 
  • Safe to use on tinted auto glass 
  • Does not contain ammonia 
  • Prevents contaminants like bird droppings from sticking to your windshield
  • Sheds water quickly, providing higher visibility during heavy rain
  • Prevents snow and sleet from sticking, making it much easier for drivers to clear the windshield 

Where You Can Use It

The focus of hydrophobic glass cleaners is generally on the exterior of your windshield, but Invisible Glass Clean and Repel can be used on all of your car’s windows. Interior and exterior. It’s also good for use on your side mirrors to enhance visibility during poor weather, rearview mirror, and screens. 

How To Apply Invisible Glass Clean and Repel Product?

invisible glass clean and repel application

As with all auto detailing products, move your car out of direct sunlight and make sure your vehicle is cool to the touch before application. Now all you have to do is spray it on and wipe it off. It’s that simple. 

I would recommend keeping a second dry microfiber cloth nearby in case you need to give your auto glass a second wipe or buff out any streaks after your initial swipe. Also, if you’re cleaning the entire vehicle it’s recommended that you clean the windows last to prevent anything splashing up and leaving spots or streaks on your clean glass.

  1. Move your car out of direct sunlight
  2. Spray the Invisible Glass Clean and Repel on your windows
  3. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the liquid away
  4. Wipe again with a new microfiber cloth if needed

Is It Hard To Apply It?

The application process takes a bit of effort, but I wouldn’t say it’s at all difficult. My biggest hurdle was figuring out how much product to use. Too little, and my windows weren’t clean enough. Too much, and my windows were cloudy and had some streaks. The solution is to keep a few extra microfiber clothes nearby to dry and buff out any undesirable hues. In the end, my auto glass was clear and streak free. 

The Results I’ve Got With It

clear glass after clean and repel application

I’m overall happy with my results. My windows and mirrors are crystal clear, and the hydrophobic properties have prevented bugs and pollen from sticking to my windshield, which was a major problem before I tried this product. 

The repellant is still going strong almost two weeks in, which has taken a lot of burden off my windshield wipers. With the water beading up so quickly, I’m seeing far fewer water spots, and the ones I do see are relatively small and easy to clean off.

Since I’ve been using Invisible Glass Clean and Repel to wipe away water spots and spot treat in general, I think it will continue to repel water effectively through the next storm as well. I haven’t noticed any difference in fogging, so I’ll be using a separate product that is specific to that.

Advantages of Invisible Glass Clean and Repel

In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages of this product is that it’s a multi-use item. Having a cleaner and repellent in one can make window washing a low-maintenance task. Not only does it do a decent job of cleaning glass, but the hydrophobic properties will also help keep your glass clean longer.

Another advantage is the price. This 2-in-1 cleaner and repellent will cost you less than $10 and can be easily found in many auto shops or other large retailers. Even if you have another glass cleaner and repellent that you prefer, this one is so cheap and easy to find you might as well keep a bottle in your car as a backup or for quick use while on the go.

Disadvantages of Clean and Repel Product

All-in-one products are great, and they save a lot of time. However, in my experience, some products have a chemical structure that doesn’t quite line up with the other products it’s mixed with. For example, the mixture of glass cleaner and rain repellant can cause clouding and streaking. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it can require a significant amount of microfiber to work it in. 

If you experience fogging in your climate, you’ll likely need to use a separate anti-fog spray as well, since Invisible Glass Clean and Repel doesn’t seem to prevent window fog.

Is It Better Than Other Products On The Market? 

While I do think this particular glass cleaner is a fantastic product, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s better than other products on the market. I’d say it works just as well, but you pay less for it than you would for most other glass cleaners and repellants. 

If you’re looking for the best glass cleaner and repellent, I would steer you toward a combination instead. In my experience, Nexgen Auto Glass Cleaner is top tier. This auto glass cleaner cuts through the toughest grime with ease and leaves your glass looking brand new. However, it doesn’t have any true hydrophobic properties, which is why I said I’d steer you toward a combination. Along with cleaning your car windows with Nexgen Auto Glass Cleaner, I’d simply top it off with RainX Windshield Repellent. While the results are unbeatable, it will cost you a bit more and turns your window cleaning into a two-step process.

That being said, Invisible Glass Clean and Repel is still the best choice if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, as well as a quick one-step process.

Final Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

While Invisible Glass Clean and Repel may not be the best auto glass cleaner on the market, it is great to have on hand. It’s hard to beat the price and is so easy to find, it just makes sense to keep a bottle in your garage or even in your trunk for quick cleanups on the go. 

I’ve started keeping a bottle in my trunk. If I’m ever driving through rain and finding it hard to see past the water clinging to my windshield or driver-side window, I can easily pull into a covered area (like a gas station), wipe my windows down quickly, and go about my drive with higher visibility.

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