CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax Review

CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax

To be clear from the start, this is not a ceramic, but I decided to do a review on it after I got many emails asking me to do it. Frankly, people love this product. The other reason I decided to put it on my top 10 ceramic sprays is that waxes have the same function as ceramics. Sometimes they’re even better than ceramic. Now, is there a difference between waxes and ceramics? Of course, but still, I’m going to give this a try and see if Car Guys advanced science will surprise us. Maybe it will perform better than a true ceramic coat…

What is Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax?

The CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax is their best wax designed to offer a blend of wax protection and spray convenience. This wax combines elements of wax and polymers to deliver protection and shine. Its hybrid nature makes it easier for you to apply it. You just have to spray and wipe it – making it worthy for quick touch-ups or routine maintenance. While this is not a ceramic coating, this wax aims to surpass ceramic coating in protection and shine. Carguys says it contains a specially “patented” polymer additive on their website.

We put the claims to the test, and let me tell you, the hype around it doesn’t make it a strong product. I have criteria that I use to judge a product, and this one didn’t meet most of my standards. It’s possible that my previous experiences with top-tier ceramic products have set a high standard, and this particular product didn’t quite impress me, especially when comparing the results with its stated product details and claims.

Two days after applying it, I went for a ride and my car paint started to become dirty like it was attracting dust. This happens very often with wax but given they advertised a hybrid formula I thought that it would be harder for dust to accumulate. The shine wasn’t there either, unfortunately, I give CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax a 6 for product strength.

Is it good?

For an 18 oz wax at $19.97, I hoped to get more value from it. While that might seem affordable, Turtle Wax Hybrid is a stronger solution and comes at a cheaper price. One of the reasons I didn’t get any real value from it is that when I compared it to a ceramic coating it really lags. At first, when I used it I got the impression that it was a good product since it’s easy to use and you don’t have to wipe a second time to remove the wax and rub a lot. 

It’s easier to apply than, let’s say, a thicker traditional wax. And as time went by, I expected a brighter luster, but unfortunately, it didn’t give the polishing effect I was hoping for. To be honest, I thought that its carnauba wax ingredients would make it shinier, but no. Plus, it doesn’t last very long before water starts to stick. Considering all things, I have to give it a 6 for value.

How long does Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax last?

This product shows up at the top of the list when you search for car wax on Amazon; given that, there should be at least something that backs up the hype. For example, how long does it last? Now that I have a full picture of this product, I would say that this is more of a sealant you can use after you wax your car…

Having experience with several ceramic sprays, I’ve always appreciated their hydrophobic qualities, where water effortlessly rolls off. Regrettably, I can’t categorize this product as hydrophobic. Despite applying it to my fully dried new car, I noticed water spots from morning dew the next day, and over time, water adherence to the paint became more apparent. I’d rate Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax a 5 for longevity.

Customer service

Calling the Car Guys customer service about their Hybrid Spray Wax wasn’t an uplifting experience. I’d had high hopes given the buzz around it, but when I faced issues with its performance, reaching out to address my concerns left much to be desired. The guy who talked to me seemed uninterested and didn’t offer any real solutions or insights into the problems I encountered. It was disappointing, especially when the product failed to live up to the claims made. Considering the lack of support and the overall underwhelming performance, I have to give their customer service a 5, aligning with the disappointing experience I had with their product.


In conclusion, the CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax promises a fusion of convenience and quality with its advanced science, but in practice, falls short of expectations. Despite the manufacturer’s claims of superior protection and shine, the product didn’t quite deliver. My experience not only highlighted its limited effectiveness in repelling dust and water but also revealed its inability to provide the gleaming finish I was hoping for. 

The lackluster longevity and value compared to other offerings in the same category like Turtle wax further dampened its appeal. Moreover, the unsatisfactory encounter I had with their customer service, where my concerns weren’t adequately addressed, echoes the overall disappointment. While the concept of a hybrid wax seemed promising, the reality fell far from the mark. In the end, the CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax leaves much to be desired, failing to stand out in a competitive market like the car care market, which is flooded with more reliable alternatives.

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